• Day by day Social Media’s user base has continued to grow at a remarkable rate. In fact, in the year 2017, the monthly active user count raised to a staggering 800 million. With a user count this high at another level, on any given day, more than 34 billion photos are shared on the Instagram, making it one of the biggest social media communities that businesses can market their brand to another level
  • Based on the size of your target audience and the different level of your sales funnel, we will make ads with different goals and designs. With four ad types to choose from, Social Media makes it quite easy for advertisers to build ads in a format that’s going to resonate with the intended audience
  • We use different types of Ad structure to increase profit. The tried and true ad type in which one can use pictures in a variety of formats to create mind blowing ads that capture attention and inspire action. With the right photo and caption, you can easily drive results and increase brand awareness
  • Todays most used platform is instagram. The video ads are great for engaging your audience as they begin to play right away without the need to click on them. With the growing number of users consuming video content, it’s a powerful way to expose your audience to an ad.
  • Social Media further reduces the headache of yet another platform to monitor advertising and brings it into the fold of the most advanced social advertising platform. It’s always a unique thing to lower down the burden of advertising teams and make the ad creation process more efficient and profitable

Google Adwords

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